Frequently Asked Questions

Not all Hair Extensions are equal…Our focus is on delivering our clients the highest quality human hair extensions.


Why Is Hair from Russia The Best Type Of Hair For Extensions?

Russian Hair extensions are of the highest quality, softest and smoothest hair available in the world. The quality of the hair extensions plays a large part in determining whether or not your hair extensions will look real and will also affect the way the hair feels, the way it moves, the way it falls, how it behaves when attached to your own hair.

Improperly selected hair textures i.e. Indian or Chinese, will always look “odd” and will never really blend, move or style like your own hair if you are not of a similar ethnic group and do not have a similar texture.  It may also tangle with your own hair due to the different texture and cuticle.

The finest quality hair is Russian.  This hair is a different texture and quality compared with lower quality Chinese, Asian or Indian hair which is often mixed with animal or synthetic hair and can be too coarse and become tangled.

What sort of extensions do you use?

We exclusively use Virgin Russian human hair to offer soft, light, silky, healthier, durable and natural hair installation.  See our page on the benefits of Virgin Russian hair for more information.

Why are I tips and Tape extensions better than wefts?

Wefts can feel quite bulky and uncomfortable and can also be time consuming to install and maintain. I Tips and Tape extensions are softer looking and the weight is better distributed throughout the layering process which is safer for your hair. They blend more naturally with your own hair and are better disguised – like a thin veil through the hair and are also more secure.

What is virgin hair and why is it so important?

Our Virgin hair is 100% pure virgin Remy hair that has NOT been dyed, bleached, permed, straightened, or chemically treated in any way. Being 100% natural, the cuticle is undamaged which means the hair is protected and less susceptible to damage.

What does Remy Mean?

Our hair is guaranteed Remy hair – meaning it is cuticle correct hair. All our hair extensions carefully manufactured with the hairs running from root to tip. This means the hair will not tangle and matt. Over 90% of Asian & Indian hair sold is NOT Remy hair.  Many suppliers say their hair is Remy hair when after a short period of time the hair tangles proving it is not true.  Our hair is guaranteed certified Remy.  Does your supplier guarantee their hair is Remy?

How long do the extensions last?

With proper care and maintenance  from clients and Hair Extensions Australia, our extensions can last many years.  Our extensions are the most beautiful and finest quality 100% Russian Remy human hair available on the world market, so they last much longer than other types. This grade of hair feels and looks softer and smoother.   The more gentle you are with the hair, the longer it will last.

What colours are the extensions available in?

Virgin Russian hair extensions come in a variety of natural shades of blonde, red and brunette’s the most common range being from naturally dark blonde to medium brown.

Can you add colour/highlights to extensions?

Yes.  The hair can be matched with your own colour or highlights. However, because this is the highest quality virgin Hair it is advisable to have the colour selected and blended by Karen to obtain that perfect look.

Do you use Glues or Resins?

No. Hair Extensions Australia does not recommend any use of glues, resins or bonds to secure any form of hair extension.  We use a special silicone lined beading system and a superior tape technique, part of our secret process that enables a more secure, comfortable, flat and natural looking finish.

How long does the installation process take?

This depends on the client’s individual requirements, e.g. If your wanting volume or length or both and the thickness of your own hair and also depends if we choose to use the tape extension’s or the silicone lined micro bead extensions. The tape method can take a little as 45 mins and the micro beads from 1.5 hours.

How much does it cost?

Virgin Russian hair is the finest quality hair in the world and due to high demand and scarcity it commands a higher retail price. However, the benefits of investing in this hair far out way the cost in the long run.  Our Russian Hair Extensions last longer than inferior hair extensions.  Apart from their finer quality, they are softer, silkier, more natural, lighter and more comfortable to wear because of the superior workmanship and extra time that goes into crafting and installing them. Prices range from $750 -$1800 depending on a half head, full head and length requested.

100% Pure Human Hair

For beautiful long silky hair you've always dreamed of contact Karen for a free consultation/appointment on:

100% Pure Human Hair

For beautiful long silky hair you've always dreamed of contact Karen for a free consultation/appointment on: