Why choose virgin Russian Hair Extensions?

We source and use only pure 100% Russian hair extension, for its purity, stunning shine and silky soft texture which make it the most luxurious and sought after hair quality in the world!

Our Hair Extensions have never been chemically processed or acid washed like most other types of human hair. We guarantee our human hair extensions are 100% pure human hair without any alteration to the cuticle what-so-ever so they remain tangle free, silky and smooth. The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of desired length. This process ensures that the hair remains ultra-soft, shiny, silky and tangle free throughout its lifetime.

Hair Extensions Australia are 100% Human Hair

We source and use only pure 100% Russian hair extensions, for its purity, stunning shine and silky soft texture which make it the most luxurious and sought after hair quality in the world!

Our Russian hair is rare and its rarity is reflected in its price. Many women purchase standard grades of hair (Asian or Indian) and become quickly disillusioned with the fact that their hair only looks soft and smooth for a very short period of time.  This is because all other types of hair must undergo acid processing to make it look and feel more like Caucasian hair.

Unfortunately most Asian and Indian hair much of the time is simply too thick or coarse, so it is acid washed to break down the cuticle, severely damaging the hair structure. The other big problem is tangling caused by a silicone coating which is applied to help mask the damage caused by the acid treatment however this washes off, causing an exposed and damaged cuticle. .

There is a common misconception that human hair extensions are all created equally. Human hair extensions vary extensively in terms of quality, and therefore hair labelled as real human hair extensions which can be very misleading as it certainly does not indicate that the hair will be of high quality.

True Russian hair extensions are the only type of human hair which is guaranteed never to be mixed with synthetics or animal hair and is always cuticle correct.  Our hair extensions will add volume, thickness and length naturally and effortlessly.​ Russian Hair refers to human hair that is more delicate, softer, smoother and lighter in texture.

Our hair extensions from Russia retains the cuticle layer, because it has not be acid stripped retaining the outer most part of the hair strand, which results in soft, smooth hair which moves and  flows the way hair does naturally.

Hair Extensions Australia are naturally wavy, so there is no working against a wiry texture incompatible with your own hair!

 Hair Extensions Australia Russian Hair Extensions are superior, strong and luxurious and deliver a natural silky beauty.

The benefits of Russian virgin hair is the fine denier and silky soft texture that is incomparable in the human hair extension market. One of the reasons this type of hair is so coveted by many is the stunning shine, natural appearance that is so easy to blend with the client’s own scalp hair and finally the way the hair moves. It is a signature look for a sleek silky straight or very slight body that is difficult to achieve with any other hair type.

Hair styles made famous by many actors and TV personalities are easier to achieve with Russian hair extensions. Its purity, silkiness and beauty is no myth, as evidenced by the abundance of film and television models, singers and actresses who use it.

Specific Benefits of Virgin Russian Hair

Hair Extensions Australia Russian hair extensions are superior, strong, and luxurious and deliver a natural silky beauty.

  • Our Russian hair is completely natural human hair with-out any chemical processing what-so-ever.
  • Light & natural our Russian Hair extensions are of a fine density, like your own hair so it sits and moves lightly and naturally with your own hair.
  • Owing to its virginal qualities and fineness, Virgin Russian hair extensions are silkier and are of a higher-quality than other varieties of extensions.
  • Hair Extensions Australia hair extensions are generally slightly wavy, so there is no working against a texture incompatible with your own hair which then in turn blends seamlessly with your own hair.
  • Hair Extensions Australia extensions are unprocessed and untreated, allowing the possibility of highlighting, colouring, perming, blow-drying, curling and straightening.
  • With a long life span, our virgin hair from Russia does not need to be treated with acid to thin out the cuticle like Asian and Indian hair and is not masked with silicone to provide a shine and prevent tangling.
  • It is naturally luscious, strong and durable and with proper maintenance can last for an extended period of time.
  • You can choose between Virgin, undyed darker hair, or from our extensive range lightly coloured shades.
  • All hair is extremely long lasting and beautiful.
  • Pure Virgin hair is stronger, with a fine density, more flexible and durable than hair sourced from India or China, which has been structurally changed which results in tangling and coarser hair.
  • Our hair is lighter in colour to begin with so our varied shades involve less colour lifting.
  • Hair Extensions Australia Virgin Russian hair extensions are Caucasian hair that has not been chemically altered in any way.
  • The benefits of virgin Russian hair extensions is the longevity of the hair as it has not been chemically processed.
  • Virgin hair is hair that has not been dyed, bleached, permed, straightened, nor chemically treated in any way. Its 100% natural quality prevents damage to the cuticles which vitally protects the hair.
  • The customer can have the hair colored or highlighted but it should be done only by a professional with great care to maintain the integrity of the hair. If handled with care by the client this hair can last for years.
  • Say goodbye to unnatural thick or coarse hair extensions which are an instant giveaway.

The above factors combine to make Virgin Russian hair the most sought after in the world.

Hair Extension Australia Application Techniques

We are constantly on top of the latest hair extension technology and commit to using only the safest and most long lasting techniques available on the market today.

“Our Hair Extensions require no heat, no glue, no sewing, no braiding, no bulky bonds, and no damage to your natural Hair!”

The best hair extension application & maintenance methods include:


Micro-bead Hair Extensions: silicon lined beads for protection from damage, most affordable bead attachment method

Tape Hair Extensions: flat bonds, very comfortable to wear, very secure. Won’t slip out.

Micro beads

Micro bead hair extensions are highly popular alternatives to Clip in Hair Extensions, bulky wefts and other hair lengthening methods. Our micro beads are a superior quality lined with Non-Slip Silicone to give you a secure grip. They provide strong support for attaching I-Tip hair extensions. Also, micro bead extensions eliminate the use of any heat or glue during the application process and reduce the chance of hair, scalp and root damage.

Convenience of Micro Bead Extensions

The micro beads firmly hold the extensions on your hair and will give you flawless, natural-looking hair. Micro bead hair extensions are long-lasting if you follow the simple care and maintenance guide to keep them in great condition, the hair then can be re-used by simply removing the beads approx every 8 weeks and re-attaching new beads to your hair extensions prior to re-applying the extensions to your head.

Why Choose Hair Extensions Australia silicone lined Micro Beads for Hair Extensions?

When it comes to hair extensions, it is safer to get top quality products that are made from trusted manufacturers. The chemicals that are used to make lower grade micro beads could be detrimental to your hair in the long run. On top of that, the Silicone lining also provides extra grip for your hair extensions and acts as a soft, protective layer between the bead and your hair.


Tape hair extensions are great for women who have thin to medium hair density. It is an easy way to add more volume and length to the hair without damaging the scalp and roots. As one of the fastest growing hair lengthening methods, tape hair extensions will absolutely blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. More importantly, tape hair extensions don’t require any tedious procedures and they can be quickly applied in less than an hour!

Easy Maintenance and Styling with Tape Hair Extensions

Contrary to popular belief, tape hair extensions do not wash out easily and are actually extremely durable to the point where you can even style it as you usually would. Plus, the strips of clear, see-through tape make it look like you aren’t wearing any hair extensions at all! Not only that, they also feel very light on your scalp because tape hair extensions don’t require the use of braids or glues. You can barely feel the tape even if you run your fingers through your hair.

Tape Hair Extensions and Micro bead Extensions are Affordable

The great thing about tape hair extensions and micro bead extensions are that they can be re-used repeatedly if you have taken good care of them. When you need to re-adjust your hair extensions, we simply re-apply new tape or beads to your extensions and you’re good to go again!