Care and Maintenance


It is not hard to take care of human hair extensions, but there are some suggestions you should keep in mind. Keep your hair clean because sweat and dirt can make the extensions tangle. Regular professional maintenance of your hair extensions is crucial in gaining maximum usage and value for money.

You should wash the extensions with sulfate- or paraben-free shampoo. Before shampooing, detangle your hair from the ends to the roots, and then wash your hair from the roots to the ends. You should condition your hair often, but keep in mind that conditioner should not be applied to the root area or near the attachments.

You should dry your hair naturally as frequently as possible. Try to avoid sleeping on wet hair. You can also tie your hair in a ponytail before going to bed to prevent tangling.

In addition, special brushes (soft bristle brushes) are recommended for brushing hair extensions. Start at the ends and work your way up. Of course, all brushing should be done in a downward motion.

Heat, chlorine and salt water are the biggest enemies of human hair extensions. We highly recommend you saturate your hair with serum, mask or leave in conditioner and tie your hair in a plait or pony tail before swimming for ultimate protection and of course wash thoroughly as soon as possible.

Shampooing: Prior to washing your extensions brush your hair small sections at a time. Take a small amount of shampoo and gently massage into the scalp, do not use circular motions as this will cause your hair to tangle. Wash out thoroughly.  It’s not necessary to apply shampoo to the ends as this may dry them out. “Please wait 24hrs after application of your hair extensions before washing”

Conditioning: Gently squeeze out excess water and apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair, then lightly massage up to the roots. Rake your fingers through your hair or use a wide tooth comb, then a gentle rinse with water. Use of a leave in serum is highly recommended to nourish your extensions however avoiding the tape and micro bead area. .

Brushing: Real human hair requires you to brush your extensions every day. Brush your extensions only when dry and use a wide tooth comb when wet.

Pre styling and drying:  Pat your hair rather than rubbing –treat your hair gently. Applying a leave in serum or heat protectant before heat styling is highly recommended to protect your hair.


Guidance Tips:

To ensure longer life and health for extensions and scalp, extensions should be refitted every 5 to 7 weeks (for fine hair probably 4-6) otherwise too much pressure can be placed on the roots and this could cause damage. It is very important to make sure that the maintenance to your extension is handled by Hair Extensions Australia so as to ensure your extensions stay in the best condition and keep that silky, soft high quality finish.

In general, give your new hair the respect and attention it deserves and you will reap the rewards. Above all, though, have fun with it—beautiful hairstyling can enrich your self-esteem and everyday experience.

100% Pure Human Hair

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100% Pure Human Hair

For beautiful long silky hair you've always dreamed of contact Karen for a free consultation/appointment on: